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What We Do

Since its inception in 2007, Tarrytown Expocare Pharmacy has operated using innovative processes to better manage individual profiles, streamline prescription packaging, optimize billing situations, and help care providers remain compliant with state and federal regulations. It all starts with the onboarding process, where we educate our administrators, nurses, and direct care staff on how our system works, and then continues with the number of resources we provide to the nursing team in the field. We introduce RNs to FrameworkLink, an online resource tool used to help oversee individual records and coordinate prescription orders. We also utilize Docutrack as our digital document management system, a program allowing for on demand access to documentation – which is now accessible to nurses online, at any time.

Pharmacy Services / Benefits

Tarrytown Expocare Pharmacy

Most “Other” Pharmacies

1. Is your pharmacy 100% focused on servicing IDD (i.e. no Skilled Nursing or Assisted Living)? YES NO
2. Does your pharmacy provide your Cycle Fill on a “Monthly Calendar Fill”? (i.e. CF quantity equals days in the month to reduce med errors vs 14, 28 or 30 day supply) YES NO
3. Are inhalers, Birth Control, etc. provided via Cycle Fill (so you staff does not have to request monthly) YES NO
4. Are Controls (CIII-V) provided in a Cycle Fill? YES NO
5. Does your pharmacy prepare your Cycle Fill 60 days in advance to identify any refills requiring a Physician visit? YES NO
6. Does your pharmacy obtain Refills and Prior Auths? (and just notify you on those requiring assistance) YES NO
7. Do you have access to a Web Portal so all prescriptions, monographs, MARs can be downloaded 24/7? YES NO
8. Are all new prescriptions emailed to you? YES NO
9. Does your pharmacy staff CDDN’s for consultations / training? YES NO
10. Does your pharmacy offer FREE monthly CE Webinars? YES NO
11. Does your Pharmacy offer 24/7 access to “their” Pharmacists? (not outsourced service) YES NO
12. Does your pharmacy provide a clinical review of all orders and work with prescribers as needed to change orders to covered items? YES NO

Our Process

Cycle Fill – Solid Oral Dosage Forms

Every solid oral dose, routine medication is filled and sent out on a calendar month schedule. Shipments of individual medications are typically received 4-6 business days before the start of the following month, in a detailed and highly organized fashion to streamline the check-in process. Our efficient shipping process allows the nursing team to effectively receive medications, check them against the MAR, and distribute them to the homes in a shorter period of time.

Cycle Fill – Non-Solid Oral Dosage Forms and Day Supply Limit Drugs

Routine non-solid oral doses, like liquids and powders, are omitted from the main cycle fill. These medications, along with pre-packaged medications like birth control and oral-disintegrating medications, are cycle filled based on the prescription’s day supply and filled routinely prior to the supply being depleted.

All of our cycle fill shipping schedules are generated by our pharmacy operating system, which makes it a very efficient process. With the help of our software, we can anticipate when prescriptions are due and identify which medications are needed at any given time. This prevents nurses from chasing down orders, submitting emergency refills, and helps to provide a consistent regimen for both the nurse and the individual.

Non-Cycle Fill Medications

Cycle filled medications provide numerous benefits, however, not every medication can be placed on cycle. To prevent waste and overstock issues, PRN and topical medications (creams, ointments, shampoos, etc) are not cycle filled. Instead, these items are refilled on demand, and flagged with a message alerting the direct care staff to request the next fill at least three business days prior to the item running out. This lead time prevents any lapse in therapy and ensures each individual has the medications they need.


Tarrytown Expocare distributes thousands of prescriptions across the country every week utilizing FedEx and local pharmacy courier services.  The accuracy and consistency of our distribution network is unmatched, as we rarely encounter problems with deliveries. If there is ever an issue on timeliness, Tarrytown Expocare will work with you to resolve the issue, and if needed utilize your local pharmacy to call in emergency supplies. We work with your local pharmacy on your behalf to make sure the pick up is simple and quick.

Refills and Physician Orders

Tarrytown Expocare takes the lead with your physicians to make sure that each individual has a sufficient amount of refills on their profile to avoid any lapses in therapy.  The process of reaching out to doctors starts as early as 60 days before the current prescription actually runs out.  Our proactive approach prevents potential delays caused by prescriber changes and appointment request made by the prescriber.  When there is a request for an appointment before refills are authorized, we relay that information to the nursing team so a visit can be made prior to the next fill.

Who We Serve

Home & Community-Based Services
Tarrytown Expocare Pharmacy is experienced in working with Home and Community-based Services (HCS) program providers. The HCS program provides individualized services and supports to persons with intellectual disabilities who are living with their family, in their own home, or in other community settings, such as small group homes.  Our team is familiar with the type of care required in these various settings and can assist families, caregivers, and nurses in order to maximize individual outcomes.

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Intermediate Care Facilities
For intermediate care facilities (ICFs) who provide residential and habilitation services to individuals with IDD or related conditions, Tarrytown Expocare Pharmacy, is a solution for medication management. Our full-service pharmacy and unique skills can help maximize individual and consumer benefits. It also ensures direct care staff is allowed adequate time for their primary focus, the well-being of the individuals.  Consultant pharmacy services are regularly used for this setting and Tarrytown Expocare has relationships all over the country.  If you are currently using a consultant and you want to continue to use them, Tarrytown Expocare is happy to coordinate and continue their service.

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Host Home / Texas Home Living
For individuals with IDD living in their own or in a family member’s home, Tarrytown Expocare  Pharmacy works with caretakers to ensure individuals receive medication in a timely manner, regardless of location. Our team will assess individual profiles to prioritize prescriptions and minimize personal expense. Tarrytown can provide customized prescription packaging to make scheduled medication therapies easier to administer.

Furthermore, by reviewing medication profiles, we can make recommendations to consolidate or eliminate prescriptions. We work closely with individual’s doctors to ensure their medication regimen is of optimal benefit, void of duplications or unnecessary therapies. We pride ourselves in our commitment to the individual. Keeping open lines of communication with the caregiver and the physician allows for continuity of care and, most importantly, maximum efficiency for better caregiving practices.

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