Our Story

About Us

Tarrytown Expocare is a leading nationwide long-term care pharmacy committed to enhancing services for the IDD and behavioral health community, providing premier care and support for those in need.

Through The Years

Where it Began

Tarrytown Pharmacy

began to provide pharmacy services to IDD individuals in and around Austin, Texas. Starting with 150 individuals around the area, it quickly became apparent that community needed unique pharmacy services that weren’t being met.
Why We Formed

Tarrytown Expocare

had been formed as a dedicated pharmacy for the IDD community with a singular focus on developing solutions that increased efficiency and accuracy to the nurses and direct support professionals that administer medications.
How We Grew

Due to Demand

rapid growth occurred as agencies learned of an IDD-focused pharmacy. With over 6,000 individuals and more on the way, we also began expanding into other states and developing more services to further streamline and enhance the healthcare experience.
Where We are Going

Our Pharmacy

continues to be 100% focused and passionate about IDD and behavioral health. It is due to the trust and support of this community that we have grown to be America’s IDD and Behavioral Health Pharmacy.

Our Statements

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    Our Mission

    To provide high-quality care for the IDD and behavioral health community through innovative and compassionate pharmacy services.

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    Our Vision

    To use effective processes and streamlined services to reduce burden on providers and promote consistent, high-quality care to individuals.

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    Our Values

    Building community through excellence, we achieve our goals through integrity, compassion, commitment, collaboration, and innovation.

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