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Who We Are

Tarrytown Expocare is a long-term care pharmacy that was founded with a deep commitment to the intellectually and developmentally disabled (IDD).

Providing innovative, professional pharmacy services with a strong sense of compassion, we have established ourselves as America’s top long-term care pharmacy for the IDD and behavioral health community.

What We Believe

At Tarrytown Expocare, we believe that pharmacy should provide streamlined medication management and encourage living a healthy, independent lifestyle minus all the worries that come with filling and delivering your prescriptions.

Who We Serve

At Tarrytown Expocare, we are honored to support the IDD and behavioral health community, promoting strong relationships with caregivers, providers, and prescribers to optimize your care and health outcomes.

What Our Community Is Saying

From day one, Tarrytown Expocare has provided us with explementary care. They are knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, and professional. The resources available to us are priceless, whether it’s through the portal or their pharmacy team. They are always quick to respond to our questions and concerns and go out of their way to help us find solutions to anything we encounter. Due in part to Expocare’s professional and knowledgeable staff and the systems they have in place, we passed another state audit with flying colors. I would definitely recommend Tarrytown Expocare Pharmacy to anyone and look forward to working with them for years to come.
Tricia Crawford
Compliance Manager, Pillar Support
They are knowledgeable, quick to respond, never expect me to do their job, go above and beyond to meet our needs, keep me in the loop. They always do what they say they will do. They talk to me like the know me and make my life at DHR so much more productive.
Down Home Ranch
Tarrytown Expocare has a wonderful team, processes, and approach, and it is evident that they keep the population they serve at the heart of their business. Each team member works diligently to ensure excellent customer service. The packaging, labeling, notifications, reports, and portal make medication administration safer and decrease nurses’ workload. Their processes have been developed and crafted with nurses as stakeholders. In addition, Expocare listens to customer feedback, welcoming input and collaborating to resolve challenging opportunities. Finally, the continuing education opportunities are always informative and an exciting, interactive experience to network with like-minded specialized professionals.
Kristen Irwin, RN, MSN
Corporate Quality Assurance Nurse, RHA Health Services
The Tarrytown Expocare has been amazing, and the nurses are elated about the experience. We are truly happy with the interactions, organization, and work ethic from Tarrytown Expocare. I can’t say thank you enough for everything and making our pharmacy experience positive. The anxiety and frustration my nurses once felt has diminished because of Tarrytown Expocare. Changing pharmacies was the best decision for our agency.
Doris Hayes
As an agency serving individuals with IDD, it is imperative we have partners who fully understand the unique needs of this special population. Tarrytown Expocare Pharmacy is that partner! The Tarrytown team has a deep understanding of not only the needs of the individuals in our care, but they also understand the needs of our staff. Any pharmacy can dispense medication, but Tarrytown goes above and beyond. They want to understand our challenges, problem solve around those needs, and implement solutions. The definition of a true partner!
Lynn Pollard
Sevita Health
Tarrytown Expocare tailors services to our specific needs. Our communication with them is streamlined and efficient, facilitated through email and their portal, eliminating the need for prolonged phone conversations. They offer exceptional training opportunities to our team, ensuring we are current with the latest best practices and information about new medications. Our collaboration with our dedicated Account Manager is direct and effective, providing us with the necessary support to navigate any challenges that may surface. The opportunity to engage face-to-face with our pharmacy representatives fosters a stronger working relationship. Tarrytown’s ability to provide tangible data aids us in reducing redundant therapies and optimizing our efficiency. This partnership is instrumental in enhancing our effectiveness and quality care to the people we support.
Medical Coordinator
Chicago, Illinois
As a multistate IDD provider, RHA has formed a compassionate, trusting, and incredible partnership with Tarrytown Expocare. Their kindness and compassion for us and the individuals we serve have been central to our relationship. One of the best attributes of Expocare is their willingness to find a solution to any obstacle we face whether big or small. Through our partnership, Expocare has helped improve the health of our clients through educational opportunities, affordable alternatives, and innovative tools like their portal. They’ve also reduced medication errors with their delivery system, on-site visits, and round-the-clock clinical staff availability. Partnering with Tarrytown Expocare was an easy decision for us and one that has proved successful.
Alena Davis
Corporate Director of Nursing, RHA Health Services

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