Tarrytown Expocare

Tarrytown Expocare is a long-term care pharmacy designed to support the intellectual and developmental disability (IDD) and behavioral health community.

We collaborate with nurses and direct support professionals. Offering professional services, training, and resources to boost efficiency, ensure medication accuracy, and enhance cost-effectiveness.

Like you, IDD and behavioral health are all that we do!



Cost Effective

Our mission is to provide high-quality support for the IDD and behavioral health community through innovative and compassionate pharmacy services.

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America’s IDD & Behavioral Health Pharmacy

Discover the states where we can support you.

Exponential Care

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    Streamlined Medications

    We prioritize your health and time, simplifying your refills and ensuring reliable medication administration through our dispensing process.

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    Convienent Delivery

    Providing prescriptions nationwide, our robust delivery system utilizes national distribution networks or local delivery drivers to promote timely and accurate deliveries.

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    Proactive Communication

    We prioritize relationships through outstanding customer service. Our team efficiently coordinates with you and your prescribers, ensuring exceptional care of overall well-being.

    Our Services
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Pharmacy At Your Fingertips

Check out our Expocare Portal. Online and accessible 24/7, this exclusive resource offers secure access to a range of pharmacy services and features whenever you need them.

  • Receive Automated Alerts 
  • Access Critical Information 
  • View Prescriptions
  • Run Valuable Reports 
  • Store Lab Results 
  • Hold Medications
  • Track Orders
  • And More! 

Supporting Caregivers and Providers

As the leading IDD and behavioral health pharmacy, we’re committed to partnering with caregivers, direct support professionals, nurses, and our community.

Our innovative approaches aim to reduce stress, save time, and ensure consistent superior care.

Come Make a Difference With Us