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Since 2007, Tarrytown Expocare Pharmacy has operated using innovative processes to promote individual care at an exponential level.

Our Approach

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    Our seasoned professionals work closely with providers and prescribers to improve quality of care through consistent, compliant, and considerate medication management.

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    We drive our processes with efficiency and technology to streamline workflows, identify cost-saving opportunities, promote adherence, and save providers precious time.

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    Cost Effective

    We aim to reduce costs and ensure consistent, effective medication therapy. We conduct medication reviews, collaborate with prescribers, and explore more affordable options through our person-centric services.

Pharmacy Services

Discover how we promote compliance and enhance effective care.

Cycle Fill



Take advantage of our professional services to align and manage your medication.

Our process aligns and packages medications to a set schedule. From unit-dose packaging to manufacturer packaging, we can fill and anticipate when routine prescriptions are due. This prevents providers from having to track down orders and ensures a consistent regiment for both the direct support provider and the individual.


Prevent wasteful billing and encourage medication adherence with easy-to-read labeling and helpful reminders.

Cycle-filled medications offer an array of advantages, but not all orders should qualify. To avoid waste and overstock, as needed (PRN) orders, acute prescriptions, and topical medications (e.g., cream, ointment, shampoo), are filled upon request and include a label to remind staff to reorder three business days before depletion.




Prescription Management


Forms & Records

We work alongside you and your prescribers to guarantee prompt refills and prevent treatment disruptions.

We proactively contact and coordinate with refill authorizations in advance to prevent potential delays caused by prescriber changes and appointment requests. Allow us to assist you in addressing prior authorizations, coverage concerns, billing support, and more.



We believe technology should work for you.

From Medical Administration Records (MARs), Physician Order Forms, custom reports, and much more, we’re ready to support you. Take advantage of our Expocare Portal to schedule helpful reports, print out records, and see critical information. Contact us to see how we can integrate with your eMAR system.







Ongoing Support

Let us get you what you need when you need it.

We efficiently deliver thousands of prescriptions using national distribution networks and local couriers. Need it faster? Let us work with your local pharmacy to ensure a swift and easy pick-up process.


We’re here for you at every step.

Our team includes customer service technicians, billing experts, and clinical pharmacists dedicated to helping you. Our goal is to enhance your medication management experience through efficient, coordinated care.


Have an emergency after pharmacy hours?

Reach our on-call support team 24/7 to help you wherever, whenever.



Get In Touch

Contact us to learn more about how our pharmacy services can better support you.