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RingCentral Phone/Messaging – Tarrytown Expocare Guides/Instructions

RingCentral – Welcome Email and Account Activation (v3) Guide for RingCentral enrollment for new users (version 3)
Resetting Password This document outlines how to use the web portal to change your password via the RingCentral web portal.
Changing Password, PIN, or Secret Question via RingCentral Portal This document outlines how to change your password, PIN, or secret question via the service.ringcentral.com portal.  These should always be something only you know and can remember.
Installing RingCentral App on Laptop Guide for installing RingCentral App on laptop/PC
Installing RingCentral Mobile App Guide for installing RingCentral App on mobile device.
RingCentral App Messaging Quick Guide Quick Guide to Messaging in the RingCentral App
RingCentral – Hot Desk Guide Guide for hot desking (multiple users sharing a phone/desk)
RingCentral App Getting Started Guide A guide from RingCentral to help first time users of the RingCentral App.  Please note, some functions may not be enabled in our environment.
RingCentral – Forgot my Password If you forget your password and need to reset it, use these instructions as a guide.
RingCentral – Message Notification Settings Turn on/off email notifications for when you receive RingCentral instant messages.  
RingCentral – Unexpected Voicemails and How to Delete Voicemails in App Occasionally the system will send out voicemail notifications to alert users of security related changes in the system.  Even though some of you don’t have a regular voicemail, you will see a voicemail notice.  You can access those messages and delete them following these instructions.
Updating Speed Dial and Favorites on your Deskphone Do you see your name a bunch of times on your desk phone?  You can set speed dial on your phone depending on the model of the phone.  These instructions walk you thru how to do that. 


RingCentral Meetings/Video – Using RingCentral App to host meetings (video/audio)

RingCentral Office has a meeting and collaboration tools built into it.  Below are some links to content that might help first time users.  We plan to do some formal communication/training on these products, but in the meantime, we welcome users giving it a try.  Ultimately, it looks and acts a lot like Zoom and any of the other on-line meeting tools.

RingCentral Video Introduction This is a page to introduce first time users of RingCentral Video (used for meetings).  It includes a helpful video to get you started.
RingCentral Video/Meetings Training Video Watch this more comprehenssive video to learn about RingCentral Video and how it can help you elevate your business communications.
RingCentral Video (Meetings) Quick Guide This article will walk you through setting up and starting your first RingCentral Video (RCV) meeting.
Scheduling a RingCentral Meeting within Outlook If you’d like to schedule a RingCentral Video meeting, you can do this on several different platforms, including the RingCentral app, RingCentral Video for web, your Google calendar, and your Outlook calendar. For the purpose of this article, we’ll discuss how you can schedule a RingCentral Video meeting via your Outlook calendar.


RingCentral – Other Helpful References and Options

RingCentral Office is a suite of tools that may have use for various advanced users.  Below are some links to items that may benefit Tarrytown Expocare users.

RingCentral Web Portal This is a website you can do a number of things with RingCentral, such as change password, adjust voicemail settings, review call logs, messaging, fax, manage queues, change your caller id, etc.
RingCentral Support Portal Support.RingCentral.com is a website you can go to for support.  You can chat with support engineers, search support articles, open support cases, etc.  Often times it make sense to talk with IT support first, but if they are not available, you can contact RingCentral support directly.
Intro to the RingCentral App The RingCentral App is the core app for sending and receiving messages.  And for non-VDI users, you can also use it to make phone calls, host/attend video conferences, listen to voicemail, etc.
RingCentral Scheduler Outlook Add-in This add-in for Outlook allows you to easily add RingCentral Meetings to calendar invitations.
Configuring Notifications and Sounds in RingCentral App The RingCentral App has many customizable features that you can modify for how you are notified for messages, voicemails, texts/SMS, etc.
RingCentral University RingCentral has a lot of tools and resources on-line to better learn and leverage their product.  RingCentral University actually has some very refined and formal training.  Keep in mind that we are running RingCentral Office and if you are just using the phone system for messaging and phone calls, this may just be confusing.  But for advanced users, wanting to use the full RC Office suite, this is a great resource.
Queue Management (for Managers) Managers with rights to manage queues can do so using a new tool from RingCentral.  This slide deck outlines the tool.


RingCentral – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I login for the first time? Please review the instructions “RingCentral – Welcome Email and Account Activation” above.
I don’t have an individual @tarrytownexpocare.com email – can I still log into RingCentral App? Yes, ask your supervisor for the temporary credentials, which should also be in the instructions above and distributed via GroupMe messages.
Do I have to use an email to login? No, you can login with the new main corporate number (512-375-4786) and your extension.
I keep getting emails when I have unread RingCentral Messages.  Can I turn these off? Yes, by default these settings may be turned on.  You can modify them within the Settings then Notifications and sounds then Email Notifications section within the RingCentral App on your desktop.  See article above titled “Configuring Notifications and Sounds in RingCentral App
I received an email with a voicemail message in it, but I can’t hear it. We have headsets to provide users that can be plugged into your computer workstation and setup to listen to audio.  Please send an email to helpdesk@tarrytownexpocare.com or go to http://helpdesk.tarrytownexpocare.com to submit a request.
RingCentral won’t launch – I just get a white screen Follow the instructions here to resolve:
RingCentral won’t launch – I click on icon but nothing happens. Unfortunately, we have been seeing this recently on Vintage VDIs.  We have yet to figure out why.
You can run the web app https://app.ringcentral.com on any Windows Desktop and I think you will find the client looks/acts like the full desktop app for messaging.  This is a good workaround until we figure this out.

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