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Frequently Asked Questions

1How do our nurses handle refills with your pharmacy?

Tarrytown Expocare handles all refill requests directly with your physicians.  Nurses are not required or asked to aide in this process unless reaching an office has been difficult. Our typical strategy is to begin asking for “new” refills 60 days before a current prescription is needed to get in front of any potential roadblocks – appointments, prescriber change, etc. We will fax a prescriber 3 times and then call once. If we still have not received an answer then your nurse will be contacted and asked for assistance.

2What costs are incurred by the facility for using Tarrytown Expocare?

There are no hidden fees.  Tarrytown Expocare does not charge extra for MARs, Shipping, Physician Order Forms, or Online Access.  The most typical fees incurred by a facility is when a patient loses a blister pack of medication.  Medicare and Medicaid typically do not provide lost medication overrides and therefore the facility (or patient) is responsible for the replacement.  Tarrytown Expocare understands the financial burden to the patient and or facility, and assist by reducing the cost of the replacement medication.

3We create our own MARs. Do I have to use Tarrytown Expocare’s?

We highly encourage you to use our MARs.  Over the years we have learned that a group home’s patients are better taken care of with clean MARs.  We take an immense amount of pride in keeping them clean by discontinuing expired orders, categorizing cycle fill, prn, standing, and literal orders in the proper order.

4Four to six days does not seem like enough time to check in our medications before the start of the next month. Can we get them sooner?

We absolutely understand your concern, and we get this response repeatedly when visiting new facilities.  Out of the 120 plus facilities we serve, only a handful of our partners receive their medications sooner than four days.  We are committed to working with your organization to make sure you are in the best position to be successful.  After 60 days (and an on-site) visit by our team, if four days is not enough then we can adjust as you see fit for an earlier delivery date.  (Shortening the delivery time leads to a lot of other positives: Less MAR updating, fewer medication changes, consistency in delivery, etc.)

5The on boarding process is too hard on our nurses. Can we put this off until next year?

Absolutely!  We understand the pressures of change and we will never pressure you. On some occasions, we have talked about our services to clients for over two years before they decided to make a switch.  We understand the process is burdensome for your nurses, but the efficiencies later realized, accuracy of orders, and MARs, and clean billing statements for your accounts payables department, absolutely, 110% outweigh the short term pain of getting material together for Tarrytown Expocare.

6How do you handle your billing?

Almost all of our patients are dual eligible, Medicare and Medicaid, so we are VERY familiar with formulary restrictions.  We work hard to manage those “uncovered” prescriptions to get them switched to a formulary alternative that is paid for.

Billing is also sent out once monthly.  Facilities can expect to receive their patient statements within 7 days after the new month has started.  Before we send out any statement, we have hand reviewed each one of them to make sure that they are accurate.  There is no pharmacy in the United States that puts more effort in to their billing practices than we do.   We understand it is a tremendous waste of time for you to review inaccurate statements, and it is even more time consuming for us to fix those mistakes.  We work VERY hard to send them out as accurate as possible.

7My patient’s Medicare and/or Medicaid has lapsed. How am I supposed to pay this bill?

Tarrytown Expocare understands that this happens on occasion.  We have an internal policy that will allow you to go 90 days without making a payment on the assumption that the issue with coverage is a simple enrollment error on the governmental side.  In 10 years, we have only had 2 facilities have to pay a portion of that bill.

8My patient got a prescription for an antibiotic and we want to start it today?

Tarrytown Expocare will communicate with you on the timing.  If the patient needs a new medication for a same day start then we will reach out to a local pharmacy, of your choosing, and transfer the prescription to them.  We will give them all of your insurance information and make sure that the claim is paid for appropriately on their insurance end and the copay (usually $0) is correct.  We then will reach out to the point of contact and let them know that the prescription is ready for pickup.

9How do I access FrameworkLink?

Please contact Erin at for a password reset.

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