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Kodiak/AIROS Migration 

This page is dedicated to sharing content to Tarrytown Expocare associates to aid with the Kodiak/AIROS migration.  This page is temporary and intended for the use by Tarrytown Expocare associates only.  Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.

Kodiak/AIROS Migration – Tarrytown Expocare Guides/Instructions for Post Migration

Quick Reference – Kodiak/AIROS Go-Live
Quick Reference for the go-live to Kodiak/AIROS environment.
Guide – Accessing Kodiak/AIROS VDI First Time Guide for accessing the Kodiak/AIROS VDI for the first time
Guide – VDI Session Performance Monitor Within you AIROS VDI desktop, there is a Session Performance Monitor. This monitor will show the current state of your computer’s connection quality to AIROS VDI. Below is guide on how to access and read the Session Performance Monitor.
Guide – Microsoft Authenticator and MFA Setup This guide contains instructions for user to setup their Microsoft Authenticator profile which includes Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) which is required for using the self-service password reset tools within the new Microsoft environment. It will also be required for accessing systems from home and computers outside the Tarrytown Expocare offices.
How to Reset My Password and/or Unlock my Account This is a guide on how to Reset your password using the self-service password reset tool.  This works for your Microsoft Account if you have properly setup your Microsoft Authenticator Profile earlier.  Your Microsoft Account is used by your Kodiak/AIROS VDI, Outlook/eMail, Office 365, SharePoint, Teams, Framework LTC, DocuTrack, and other applications.  Notable exceptions (systems that use their own unique credentials):  RingCentral and Proliant.
Setting FedEx Toolbox Printer In the new Kodiak/AIROS VDI there will a few steps the first time the software is run to setup so the Fedex labels can be printed.
Guide – Adding Printers to Your VDI

New Printer Names List

This guide outlines how to add printers to new Kodiak/AIROS VDI.
Using RingCentral App on VDI Guide for accessing RingCentral App on Kodiak/AIROS VDI.
Unable to send Medication emails – ERROR – “You do not have the permission to send the message on behalf of specified user”  This article outlines how to fix the “You do not have the permission to send the message on behalf of specified user” error when attempting to send an email from DocuTrack thru Medication Mailbox.  See also the article below (next) that outlines how to setup a MEDICATION ONLY option in Outlook startup for use when using DocuTrack and sending emails via medication.  It will make things easier and more stable to avoid confusion.
Guide – Setting Up Medication Only Outlook Profile (Optional)
ATTENTION Medication Only mailbox users!

For folks that use the Medication mailbox to send emails, we recommend you load the Medication Only profile option, perhaps even in place of the adding the medication mailbox to your individual Outlook profile.  Then, you can use Outlook web client to access your individual mailbox and segregate the two worlds and simplify the email integration with DocuTrack.  If you prefer ask IT to help you set this up and explain how it works.  Otherwise, the guide walks thru the setup in detail.

Guide – Setting Default Sent Location for Medication Mailbox ATTENTION Medication mailbox users – SENT FOLDER FIX !

For folks that use Medication mailbox in Outlook, please verify that the sent location is properly set.

Guide – Setup Public Shared Address Book (aka Facility Address Lists)
This is a guide for how to setup the Facility Address Books which are shared via Public Folders in Outlook. This includes how to set those address books up so they are searchable in the TO and CC line of an email.  These instructions will work for Onboarding and Georgia address books as well.
Guide – Editing Public Folder – Shared Address Book
(Shared Facility Address Lists for Medication, Onboarding, Georgia, etc.)
This is a guide for editing/creating entries in the Public Folder – Medication Shared Address Book.  These instructions would also work for Onboarding, Georgia, SouthCarolina, and other shared mailbox address books.  
Wyse Terminal – How to configure for accessing Kodiak VDI These instructions will help you reconfigure a Wyse Terminal so it can access the Kodiak VDI.
Guide – Importing Outlook Signatures If you used the function on the Vintage VDI to export your Outlook signatures, you can click the Import Signatures icon on your Kodiak/AIROS VDI to help rebuild your signatures.
Guide – Missing Web App-Broken Links New Sites/URLS (some sites have moved or you may have hard-coded links that need to be updated)


Kodiak/AIROS Migration – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I login for the first time? If you are a laptop user, you can simply sign into your laptop using your existing credentials (which should be first.lastname@tarrytownexpocare.com).
If you are trying to access a VDI, see Accessing AIROS VDI Guide above.
I don’t have an individual @tarrytownexpocare.com email – can I still log into Kodiak VDI? In order to log into the Kodiak/AIROS VDI, you will indeed use credentials that look like an email (first.lastname@tarrytownexpocare.com).  Most associates do indeed have a TarrytownExpocare.com individual email account.  And most use the first.lastname@tarrytownexpocare.com standard.  However, there are some exceptions.  Additionally, there are some users that have a first.lastname@tarrytownexpocare.com login, but not an individual tarrytownexpocare.com mailbox to send/receive email. That is okay.  Just use those credentials or contact IT for assistance.
Do I have to use an email to login? In short yes.  In the Kodiak/AIROS environment you will use a login that looks like an email even if you don’t use it for emailing. Typically first.lastname@tarrytownexpocare.com but some legacy users are just firstname.
My account/password for DocuTrack is different? We have integrated DocuTrack with Active Directory so it now uses the same login and password as your email (aka what you use to access your Kodiak/AIROS VDI).  If prompted, simply check the “Use current Windows account” box when logging into DocuTrack.  That tells the system to pass your Windows credentials rather than requiring you to log in with separate credentials each time you access DocuTrack.
RingCentral App is missing on my VDI Desktop Yes, in the Kodiak/AIROS VDI we are going to ask people to use the web app version.  It has all the same functionality and may take a little getting used to, but it is designed to run on any device and the full client really is not designed or supported on a VDI platform.  There should be an icon for the web version that is effectively a shortcut to go to the website https://app.ringcentral.com which looks and feels just like the full desktop application.  Read the guide Using RingCentral App on VDI for more information.
Where are my printers? Printers have to be added manually to your VDI the first time you use them.  There is a Print Management icon on your desktop.  If you click that, search for the printer, then click on the printer you desire and follow the instructions it will install the printer.  This approach limits the number of printers attached to each VDI which improves performance.  More instructions can be found above in the Guide – Adding Printers to your VDI
Can I use Chrome instead of Edge? Edge is a “chrome based browser” and should work for any website that would otherwise work with Chrome.  Edge will also sync your favorites, passwords, etc.  So, we strongly encourage users to move to Edge exclusively.  However, if you have a unique need to install Chrome you can go to the Chrome Download Page and install.  You should be able to install Chrome with or without Admin privileges.
I can’t search for for emails via Facility IDs in the Medication mailbox or otherwise. The Shared Facility Address books are now stored in the Public Folders section of Outlook.  You have to set them up to make them searchable in your TO: line while composing an email.  See Guide – Setup Public Shared Address Book (aka Facility Address Lists)
Greenshot – Screen clipping tool not auto launching We have elected to not auto-launch the Greenshot application as most users have no need for it on a day-to-day basis.  If you need to take screen clippings, you can run it and use it until you restart your VDI desktop.
Can I access Kodiak/AIROS VDI on a Mac? Yes, you will need to load the Microsoft Remote Desktop app available in the Apple Store – ‎Microsoft Remote Desktop on the Mac App Store (apple.com)

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